Product Design, UI, Art Direction

Ambulante is a roving documentary festival that was launched in Mexico in 2005 by actor-directors Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, along with producer Pablo Cruz and Elena Fortes.

In 2017 I was approached by Ambulante’s director Paulina Suárez to redesign the festival’s digital platform.

Along with NYC-based UX designers Sandra Dávila and Rodrigo de Benito Sanz we managed and led a team of designers and developers based in Mexico and created the new platform and migrated all the content in only 12 weeks.

The result is a responsive digital platform that gives the user a personalized experience based on location and dates.
The new experience reinforces the content strategically is dynamic and user-centered.

Art Direction and Visual Design: Tania Lili
UX Design and Strategy: Sandra Dávila and Rodrigo de Benito